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american psycho auditions.

General Information

Performance dates: 7/12/24 - 7/21/24


Tech week: 7/7-7/11


Rehearsals begin early May 2024 and will be held at multiple South Bay locations.


All performances will take place at StageOne Creative Spaces, 196 N 3rd St. San Jose, CA 95112.


Masking policy will be determined based on comfort levels of those cast.


Accompaniment for performances will feature live keyboard backed by electronica tracks.


B.A.D. Musical Theatre changes the way that community theatre is done by prioritizing the inclusion of the diverse communities on and off the stage over everything else. Every decision we make is rooted in EDI values. Our EDI director, Cordelia Larsen, is dedicated to upholding our team to fair and equitable standards and ensuring that we ALWAYS stick to our mission and encourage actors of all genders, ethnicities, abilities, cultures, colors, neurodivergences, sexualities, ages, and sizes to audition, in order to create a production that truly represents the many communities that make up our diverse Bay Area.


Audition Location: City Lights Theater Company 529 S. 2nd St. San Jose, CA 95112


Audition Date/time: Wednesday, February 7, 6:00pm-10:00pm


Choose your strength and audition with a song, monologue, OR dance.


Song requirements: 1-2 minutes of a contemporary musical theatre piece or 80’s pop song. Please bring your own accompaniment track on a device. We will have a bluetooth speaker, aux hookup, and iPhone hookup.


Monologue requirements: 1-2 minute contemporary monologue.


Dance routine requirements: 30 seconds-2 minute dance routine to any song where you can showcase your best moves. We recommend you feature any skills including but not limited to popping, locking, waving, boogaloo, robot, pop, jazz, modern interpretive dance, or ballet. This show is very stylized and features isolations, angles, slow motion moments, and dynamic shifting between slow and controlled to quick and explosive movements. Please bring your music on a device; we will have a bluetooth speaker, aux hookup, and iPhone hookup.


If auditioning in person, please sign up for an in person audition slot on SignUp Genius.


Whether you are auditioning in person OR virtually, please fill out our audition form in English or formulario de información para audición en Español ahead of time. You can submit your video audition link in this form if auditioning virtually. This will save some time at auditions and help us to prepare for any accommodations that should be made in order for you to show us yourself at your best.


This is a community theatre production. All roles are non-union volunteer positions with no pay. Due to the mature nature of this show, we can only cast actors who are 18+ by the time rehearsals begin in May.


You do not need to bring a headshot or resume. We just want to see the real you and what you can do.


Email for any questions. We hope to see you there!


Character Descriptions

All roles available,18+, no precasting. (Although some characters preen over their physiques or are described as Hardbodies, we are NOT seeking actors of any specific body type for any of these roles.)


Patrick Bateman- A rockstar, a God, a narcissist, and an egomaniac who guides us through his world of fashion, fine dining, sex, and murder…while slowly losing his grip with appearances and reality. The actor playing this character must be comfortable wearing nothing but underwear on stage in some scenes.


Paul Owen- Patrick’s nemesis. Does everything Patrick does, but infuriatingly better.


Vanden- Club Singer at The Tunnel.


Craig McDermott/ATM/Tom Cruise- One of the foursome that hype up Patrick or Paul depending what best currently suits them. Self serving, egotistical, and narcissistic.


Tim Price- One of The foursome.  Self serving, egotistical, and narcissistic.


Courtney Lawrence- Dating Luis, best friends with Evelyn, cheating with Patrick. Always on lithium. The actor playing this character must be comfortable wearing only a bra and underwear for one scene.


Jean- Patrick’s secretary. A kind, decent human being. Admires and envies everyone’s lavish lifestyle, and while seeing the wrong in it, is willing to overlook it in an attempt at connection. Obviously in love with Patrick.


Sabrina/Video Store Clerk- Sex worker and one of Patrick’s victims.


Evelyn Williams- Patrick’s girlfriend. Extremely successful, driven, and self serving. An egotistical narcissist who is severely depressed and will never show it.


Detective Donald Kimball - A detective.


Christine/Hardbody Waitress/Hardbody Trainer- Sex worker and one of Patrick’s victims.


Victoria/Hardbody Bartender- One of Patrick’s neighbors.


Sean Bateman/Security Guard/Dorsia Host- Patrick’s brother and personification of all of Patrick’s failings. The TRUE narcissist that isn’t bothered keeping up appearances.  He really is that awful.


Partrick’s Mother/Mrs. Wolfe/Svetlana- The only person Patrick really fears. Confident, intelligent, and uncompromising.


David Van Patten- One of The foursome. A self serving, egotistical narcissist.


Luis Carruthers- One of The foursome. A self serving, egotistical narcissist. Dating Courtney, but secretly in love with Patrick.

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